My American Dream.
  Pow-Wow !

OW- WOW !!



Some days ago I went to my 1st Pow-Wow, which is a meeting of original Indians where they dance and sing together. It was wonderful and since that day I’ve been a bigger fan of Indians than before!

We went to this Pow-Wow with Jim, Janet, their nephew and Nica. Jim & Janet are very good friends of Penny & Rick’s. Nica is the exchange student from Slowacia living with Jim and Janet.

At first we went to a restaurant together, and then we went to the Killeen to the Pow-Wow.

Before the ceremony started, there had been a little parade of Indians and volunteer Americans for introducing. The Indians danced through the room in shape of a circle, I mean they formed a circle together. The volunteer Americans, for instance Rick and Jim got flags and should go slowly around the circle of Indians.




After that the ceremony could start….

At first we watched a dance, then a competition between two Indians in dancing their traditional dances. It was very interesting! I don’t know which one of them won, because their danced were so different. One of them was very slow; he did always the same steps and looked very concentrated while doing this. The other one turned around the whole time; he danced very fast and wore bright clothes.

Unfortunately I was not allowed to take pictures during the competition.


After that all Indians danced together like at the introduction of the Pow-Wow.





In front of the hall, there were a lot of little shops selling true Indian stuff. I couldn’t decide what to buy as a souvenir, until I met a really nice guy! He was pretty enthusiastic about me being from Germany, because his wife is half-German. I talked a lot with them. After a while he gave me a CD with his music for free and then I bought a negligee from him. (I wear it in the picture)


Besides, I took a picture with an original Indian. This guy is the Indian having danced concentrated during the competition. Rick told me to say to Mama and Papa that this is my husband. I think that sounds better than a chocolate baby. xD So this is our wedding picture.




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