My American Dream.
  NY ! :)

New York !



We-I mean my ‘Papa’ and my ‘Mama’ needed to go to the airport in Frankfurt by car, that’s why we had to wake up pretty early in the morning.

After arriving at the airport I had to organize all my stuff for being able to fly to Newark.

In front of the security control I had
 to leave Mama and Papa and say them good-bye for a half year. That was very sad and terrible.

But some minutes later, I met two girls who also traveled with CAMPS...

While we had to wait for being allowed to go in the plane, I talked with many CAMPS-Exchange students, for instance with the guys I flew further to Killen or Dallas with. They were all very sympathetic!

Okaay and then it was time to go in the plane... My big adventure has started… We flew to Newark.

After flying for about 9 and a short journey by bus, we arrived at out hotel, the Sheraton Hotel in New Jersey.

The hotel was gorgeous, especially the pool, but we were all so tired that we went to bed after getting our ciee-t-shirts and the program for the following days in New York.

I was in the room with Caro & Vanessa.

Caro is a girl from Baden Wüttenberg, who is very loveable. I was really fun with her and she attached my heart.

Vanessa was nice, too, but she was very homesick. Consequently, she was often online to chat with her family and friends. That’s why I didn’t spend so much time with her.

At the next morning I woke up at about 4 am so I lay in the bed and was pretty bored.

Then, after having eaten breakfast we went by bus through New York City with our tourist guide.

The whole City is amazing, wow ! We stopped four times, the first time for buying a souvenir in a souvenir shop at the 5th Avenue. I bought a I love NY T-shirt ! <3

Then for going on the top of the RockefellerCenter. That was really amazing, I took so much pictures, cause from the top you can see everything. You can see so many building that are far away and so it was the perfect place for seeing the size of the City! Breathtaking! I really love NYC! <3

The third stop was for changing from our bus to a ship. With that ship we could see the Statue of Liberty very well and it was great!

The last stop was Times Square for eating for dinner in a restaurant which is very similar to the Hard Rock Cafés. Also with original stuff from stars like Meg Ryan or many other famous singers and actors.

On the next day we went to huge theme park, that one with the fastest rollercoaster on earth. The day was great and the size of all the rollercoaster amazing!

Then the last day of our meeting in New York was over and after the last seminar of American life and rules of our organization, we went to bed, because some of us had to get up at 4 am in the morning, cause their plane started very early.

Unfortunately, Caro and Vanessa were both victims of this time and so they woke up at 3 am. Yes, and me, too. Because I heard their alarm-clock and couldn’t sleep further. So I lay for 2 hours in my bed and watched TV. Then it was time for having a shower and going down.

I drove in a small bus with some guys to NewarkAirport

There our flight was 2 ours later then it was planned and so we had to wait a very, very long time.

In that time, I called my German parents and had fun with the other CAMPS-guys.

Then after flying for 4 hours, then changing the plane and flying 1 hour, I arrived at the airport in Killeen.

Some minutes before meeting my host family I was so nervous and went with Carla to the restroom to calm down a bit.

Yes, and then there was the moment.

I saw my host family the first time. They look quite different then I had thought before, but I recognized them directly.

Rick, I mean Dad had an injury at his leg and so he had crutches. Mom was taller than I had thought before, also Kindle.

But the following story is another story…

All in all, it was a wonderful time in New York, I made many friends.

Nevertheless I am glad that I will fly back in about 5 month, because it was a bit too hard for me and so I need some time at the ground.

  my ID Card.

 favourite picture !! I took it on the top of the Rockerfeller Center. The view over the City was awesome !! Breathtaking !! <33

 taaaxi !



 Brooklin Bridge.

 amazing !

 The statue of liberty ! <3

 Times Square !! <3

  Astrid :)

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